About Adino

About Us

Adino Capital Limited is an Investment Holding Company.

We hold principal investments in the financial and non-financial markets. We manage and optimize these investments and our commitment to value enables us exceed expectations.

Company Culture & Values

We have a strong commitment to create a corporate culture which fosters our values into the fabric of the Company.

This culture embeds our beliefs of creativity, result-orientation, entrepreneurship, accountability, team spirit and excellence into the way we do business.


We adopt ingenious solutions and principles that help us stay ahead.


We are focused on the big picture. This approach gives us the impetus we need to produce positive results.


We embrace ownership. This enables us value the work we do and take responsibility for the success of the Company.


We ensure our stakeholders are up-to-date on the Company’s performance, position and prospects.

Team Spirit

We encourage the pride that exists when we work together as a team. This spirit drives every member of the team to give their best at all times.


We aim to ensure our performance surpasses standards by adorning quality in every single fragment of the business.